What Are The Investment Benefits of 1FX for Forex Traders and Investors?

1FX is a trading platform and possibly the first platform that allows users to trade with cryptocurrency in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. To make the platform and facility easily accessible 1FX team is adding more and more brokers to the platform.

With 1FX and 1FX Coin Forex Traders, brokers and Investors will enjoy rapid value growth due to limited supply and a platform with no mediators involves, but there are more Investment Benefits of 1FX for Forex Traders and Investors and we are listing all of them here, in this article.

Investment Benefits of 1FX for Investors and traders

There are various benefits 1FX investors and traders can avail on 1FX, here are some of them listed below.

  • Due to the limited supply of 600 million 1FX Coins, demand will increase due to deficiency calculated after a year due to low supply and 24 hours high usage of 1FX coin trading, deposits, and withdrawals in forex trading. Thus, Investors or coin holders will get higher profits.
  • Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are not beneficial when used as they don’t provide any value to the user, but 1FX is better because it will not only save a large part of the trading profit but also make transactions cheaper.
  • A 25% gain from Forex trading will be added to the liquidity of the 1FX wallet and to systematically increase the coin price, thus users of 1FX will get increased Coin value. This will make one of a kind, real-use case Coin which will give the power of raising the Coin price back into the hands of the users, holders, investors of the 1FX coin.
  • More the 1FX Community will trade with 1FX Coin in forex, more liquidity will be added into the project, which will increase the Coin Value.
  • There are also no complicated fundamentals of artificial intelligence. Thus more and more users will use it because it is easy to understand and of-course easy to use.
  • Lower transfer fees and higher yield returns will be seen in the trending of the 1FX coin. Means more cost-saving, more profit, and minimum tax.
  • Users and Traders will get benefits like
  • Decentralized System
  • Instant transactions
  • Easy Currency conversion
  • Less Fee cut
  • Cheaper Transactions
  • More liquidity
  • Highly secured
  • Fraud/counterfeit/Identity-theft Proof
  • No mediator,
  • 24×7 faster overseas transactions,
  • No waiting time for approval from a bank
  • No fear of weekends for withdrawals
  • 24×7 trading in Forex,

With 1FX, we could also go with a trademark supply of 100 billion coins similar to Ripple (Total supply: 100,000,000,000 coins) and Tron (Total supply: 100,850,743,812 coins) but we have created such a limited supply (600 million Coins) which is another reason to believe that 1FX coin may attain the projected value of 500%+ (during IEO) and 1500%+ value, thereafter in a short period.

Thus, there are numerous Investment Benefits of 1FX for Forex Traders and Investors that can’t be ignored if someone wants to invest in a profitable project. 1FX also has some unique features and services that are not available anywhere on any other platform. Thus, Invest in 1FX now through 1FX.us.

Originally published at http://1fx.us on February 16, 2021.



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